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3 Unique Beautifully Handmade Strands

Made with a beautiful array of amber glass beads and 24kt gold glass beads and 18kt gold beads.

2 of 3 strands have pendants

1 of 3 has a clasp for removal (below please include exact measurements (in inches) around your belly where you want this strand to rest.

Other 2 strands are traditionally tie on about 40".


The Ankh: unlocking the secrets of eternal life, light and the power of the sun. As we honor our past, we carry the wisdom of our ancestors into the future.


Amber: The ray of light that transforms negative vibes into positive energy. Let it remind you to always shine bright and connect with the light within you.


Gold is more than a color, it's a reflection of what's inside us all. It reminds us to keep reaching for our highest selves and to connect with the world around us.





This bundle is 1 of a kind.

Peace. Inner Strength. Light

These strands were purposefully handstranded with love and good energy. My energy was cleansed and my intentions are pure. These strands were a visual gift from the ancestors this is why they are 1 of a kind. You'll truly KNOW when it's for you!! 



Eternal Life + Light Bundle

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