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I am a proud Black/ Woman/ Veteran owned and operated business. Everything in my business I make and/or design myself. I take pride knowing that.

I started making soap because everyone in my family has a form of sensitive skin eczema and acne. We’ve been giving a ton of differentiation medications and creams that just didn’t seem to cut it, so after a lot of research I understood that the products we put in and on our body makes a difference. This is a journey I am sharing with people because we aren’t the only ones with this issue and store brand soaps are full of extra unnecessary ingredients and ingredients we can’t pronounce or understand the affects it has on our skin.

I formulate small batch products using premium ingredients for the the needs of diverse skin issues for the people of our community. I've coined myself as the "sheep milk soap lady" due to my amazing sheep milk soap that protects & repairs skin to preserve and improve the youthful and healthy appearance of skin. Body butter that moisturize and seals for a lasting glow.


Thank you for your support! Remember, every time you support a small business someone does a happy dance. While it may be easier/cheaper to buy from a larger company we pride ourselves in great customer service and satisfaction, attention to detail, and exceptional quality in all of our work. I make everything with a large dose of love!

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